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Hey beauts! Is everyone loving the festivities? I’ve got Now That’s What I Call Christmas (classic!) blasting out as I write this. I had THE best day with my family yesterday. They all came down to London for a festive day, which included Christmas markets, visiting Santa, seeing all the lights and plenty of mulled wine. BUT, as I promised you I’d be honest and open with this blog…despite all the Christmas joy I feel really anxious today. It’s making me aggy, emotional and jittery. I’m rationalising it and I think it’s down to having a lot of life admin to do today, including this blog and putting a wedding website together. Sometimes I do feel unnecessarily anxious when I leave blog writing to the Sunday. Once I start writing, I’m totally in the zone and love it. It’s the build up before that gets me!

Just a reminder for you…people’s lives may look fabulous on social media (I was loving Instagram stories yesterday!), but you don’t always know what else is going on with them. And secondly, I still get days like today when anxiety creeps in and takes hold. You’re not alone. 

And now to the more exciting part – the Kirsty Thinks Christmas wish list! Hopefully my blogs have been helping you in some way, but I wanted to give you some recommendations to add to your Christmas wish list, or even to just treat yourself with. My top picks can help you move your life forward, build confidence and help with anxiety. I see big things for you in 2019 and I’m excited to see and hear what plans you have and I think these will help you on your journey. 

The Imperfect Life Planner

Oh my…Kerry Lyons is an absolute gem! I started following her a while back when I spotted a post from a designer friend of mine @paperknots giving her a proud shout out on Instagram. Kerry is the lovely lady behind ‘The Imperfect Life’ planner, which was on my Christmas list last year and I was SO happy to receive it in all it’s gorgeous packaging from Jack. It’s no ordinary daily planner, it’s the perfect (imperfect) sidekick to help you set goals, keep you focused and helps you see mistakes as learnings to propel you forward. The only snag last year for me was the size as the ring binder meant I couldn’t pop it in my already over-loaded bag for work (think tupperware, make-up, random crap). Kerry has taken that on board and created a smaller version for 2019, ring-binder free, which is on my Christmas list again (fingers crossed Jack reads this post…!). It’s like having a mini-life coach with you throughout the year. Did I mention Kerry is also a coach?? And lastly, you get gold star stickers – who doesn’t love a reward?!

Get Your Shit Together – Sarah Knight

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could start that big, personal project but find you don’t have the time or life just gets in the way? Do you want 2019 to be the year you finally sort yourself out and just get shit done? Do you love a give no-fucks attitude? Sarah Knight’s Get Your Shit Together is the one for you! It’s not your bog-standard self-help book, Sarah doesn’t have time for that! She wants you to help yourself stop worrying about what you should do, so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do. I love that. Simple and to the point! It really helped me realise what is a priority and what strategies I can use for a better life. This isn’t just for those big life goals, but for saving money, house admin – you name it. She’s got it covered! Plus, her wit and sarcasm makes her feel like one of my best mates, so I can totally relate. Arm yourself with this for that time in-between Christmas and New Year when you’re vegging out on the sofa. You can be ready to really get your shit together in 2019.

HAPPY journal – Kikki-K

We all need a bit more happiness in our lives. To take more joy in the little things as this ‘Happy’ journal from Kikki-K says “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.” Heart melts… This journal is a really great way to reflect on what really makes you happy, to acknowledge your achievements and then set yourself goals to live your happiest life. You set yourself a focus for each month with objectives that fall out of it, to keep you on track to happiness. One for you if you find yourself dwelling on the negative and want a more positive outlook in 2019. 

Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers

This book is the one I recommend to anyone that will listen to me! To friends, to coaching clients, to a random girl I met on the tube who felt stuck in her job. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is one of the most well-known, loved and lauded self-help books out there. It’s now over 20 years old, but is even more relevant in a time where anxiety is on the rise and more people want to take control of their lives. The incredibly astute Susan Jeffers really makes you look at what fear is to you, where it comes from and how you can turn fear into action. It really made me look at how I react to situations and people and to stop blaming others and take ownership of my own feelings. It’s SO insightful! Honestly, if I could buy all of you this book for Christmas I would! It’ll arm you with the tools to tackle anything that is making you feel anxious, you’ll probably never need my blog again…

One Line A Day –  A Five Year Memory Book

A simple one but an absolute goody. This was another gift from Jack for Christmas last year. If he’s ever lost for a present he knows any sort of self-help, reflecting, life goals focused book will be a winner! This is basically what it says your ‘One a Line a Day‘ book for to make a note of each day for five years. I’m not one for a proper diary, I’d end up only writing in it every couple of weeks, but this is so easy to quickly do each night. I’ve looked back so many times on what I’ve wrote this past year and it is so interesting and emotive to see where I was having challenges, concerns or worries and how different life is now. Yes, you’ve got social media and your phone to capture memories, but actually writing down what’s going on life gives you a really honest account to reflect back on. 

There are a lot more Gems I could have added to this list, but these are my top 5 for this year. I’ll be sharing other books, journals, planners and anything else that helps next year too. 

And that’s a wrap…

Just writing this blog has helped my anxious feelings relax a bit. Writing is so therapeutic! It also made me feel really excited that some of you may take my advice and receive one of these for Christmas and they’ll end up having a really positive impact on you as they did me.

The only homework for you this week…is there anyone you know who you could gift one of these books, or anything else that may make them smile, bring some joy and help them move their lives forward? 

Is there anything you’d be interested in hearing about, or some advice you’d like in the lead-up to Christmas/the New Year for next week’s blog? I’d love to hear, so please do message me here or on Instagram.  

Until next time.

Kirsty x

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